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Road To Victory
Road To Victory   Name: Road To Victory
Genre: Drama
Format: DV
Length: 99 minutes


Director: Mike Reilly
Producer: Jonathon Kitchen
Notable Cast: Mike Reilly, Julia Anderson, Poppi Reiner, Peter Abrams, Winston Brown. Upcoming Festivals:
2007 San Fernando International Film Festival 2007 Hollywood HD/DV Festival
An injured college athlete, accused of taking steroids, falls for a stripper, but is unable to perform sexually. The relationship oscillates between tender and cruel; issues of infidelity, along with doubts about his ability to father children arise, as his on-field performance begins to decline, putting his draft status at stake.

Road To Victory is a thoughtful look at the role of gender in the patient / physician relationship, limits imposed on physicians by changes in the health-care industry, and even the limits of drugs designed to replace the physicians. It asks the question of what level of fidelity is acceptable in a relationship where sex isn't possible. And lastly, it looks behind sensationalized media headlines over steroid abuse, at the human elements that really drive athletes to succeed, and the price associated with the choices required to achieve that success.

"I'm giving Road To Victory four out of four stars. This movie draws you in slowly and then keeps you involved until the end, and the ending is truly poignant. The entire cast is very good, but Mike and Julia are both tremendous in their roles! The relationship is very different from anything I've seen on film. It just doesn't get much better than this." - Brian Morton Rogue Cinema

"Michael Reilly directs a delicate and challenging subject with insight and compassion. Embroiled are contrasts seldom joined: Youthful vigor with aged deficiency; impending pleasure with enduring commitment. Road to Victory is an erotic, suspenseful and inspiring movie!" -Richard D. Pepperman Author: The Eye is Quicker

"Road To Victory is poignant, engaging, and remarkably crafted. Performances and moments so moving, you will feel this film long after the end credits." -Mark S Allen CBS/CW Television Stations

"...a uniquely constructed, intelligently written and well acted film that tackles football, sex and intimacy issues with equal gusto and intentionality. Anderson's performance is easily one of this year's finest from a lead actress on the ultra-indie film scene. "Road to Victory" is currently on the festival circuit, and its uniquely intelligent and insightful script, combined with Reilly's sharp eye and Anderson's stellar performance, make this a film you'll want to catch if it comes to a theatre near you, or when it is inevitably released on DVD." - Richard Propes Peaceful Critic

"...the story was original, the acting was very good and cinematography was clear and extremely well managed...Above all, we would like to commend Mike Reilly as a wonderful director. This movie is a harbinger of greater things to come and we are eagerly looking forward to his next project. Hollywood should be calling, if it has any sense. Making a serious movie is no joke. Making a movie of this caliber for an independent producer is almost an impossible task." - Ricardo Baberini Movie Buffs

"One notable aspect about "Road to Victory" is its apparent attention to detail. While it almost comes off as a typical sports drama, there's just much more behind it beside sports and clunky metaphors on life. Mike Reilly's film is so well put together and well acted that it was a joy to sit and watch what was an apparent work of love. "Road to Victory," when it's on is just great." - Felix Vasquez Cinema Crazed

"Reilly anchors the movie with a beautifully modulated performance. He captures the various nuances of moods that Elliot undergoes and makes the audience empathize with his plight. He also has wonderful chemistry with Anderson who invests what could have been a cliched character with dignity and intelligence. As director and writer, Reilly also deserves kudos for tackling the subject of sexual dysfunction in a manner that is respectful and enlightening. He also refused to take an easy out and left a few questions unanswered. ROAD TO VICTORY, is a terrific movie and marks the debut of an intriguing talent. I am anxious to see what Reilly tackles in his encore." - Ted Murphy Murphy's Movie Reviews

"Mike Reilly impresses me with his ability to act as well as direct and write this original, soulful, depressing but mostly believable story. A drama which easily manages to find a balance to hold viewers of both sexes within its grasp. Keep an eye on Mike Reilly; given a chance I can see even greater offerings from this talented helmer. The film deals with finding the strength to overcome and suffering relationships. In this case, convincing performances and solid filmmaking envelope the couple's trials and tribulations to perfection." - Peter Dimako Movie Jungle

"Road To Victory is aptly named because the film truly is a lesson in achievement. The film features brilliant acting and directing and puts a new spin on a problem that many men are afraid to talk about. Too often in the film industry, we are plagued with movies that feature the same tired plots. Road To Victory is fresh and definitely worth seeing." - Murtz Jaffer Inside Pulse

"Road to Victory deals with such intense, raw emotions and manages to show them all in a completely believable, realistic and relatable way. With Road to Victory, Mike Reilly delivers a film that is certainly worth the time of any sports film fan, and it is one of the better indie films you will ever be lucky enough to come across." - Mike Carpenter Dumb Distractions

"The impressive vision of Writer-director-star Mike Reilly's filmmaking finesse emphatically sustains itself with engaging creativity, in his independent film Road to Victory. Skillfully conceived, resourcefully intriguing, sentimental and cunningly relevant, it juggles its revolving subject matters with effortless candor and consideration. This is a thought-provoking, intimate film that is timely based on today's headlines where ill-advised usage of steroids are the unpredictable detriment to promising athletes. Basically, Road to Victory is a quaint indie gem for the thinking person's moviegoer that appreciates a solid balance in moving, inspired storytelling, with performances that are thoroughly showcased in poignancy and potency. Road to Victory strikes a winning chord." - Frank Ochieng Movie Eye

"Road to Victory is a timely story, and the film does a great job going through the treatments, but what really stood out in Road to Victory is the production value. It's the kind of indie work that does so many things right." - Jerry Brewington Hollywood Is Talking

WINNER: Best Visual Effects - (2007 Hollywood DV/HD Festival)

WINNER: Best of the Fest - (2007 ReelHeART International Film Festival)

WINNER: Audience Award / Best Feature - (2007 Sacramento Film & Music Festival)

WINNER: Gaia Award / Best Score - (2007 Moondance International Film Festival)

WINNER: Viewers Choice / Best Feature - (2007 Silver Wave Film Festival)

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